Sudoku 2

We re-design this Soduku 2 puzzle game for new design & features because we're a team REALLY love Sudoku game.

We are Delta.Fun

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Whether you're advanced Sudoku players or beginners to this easy to learn, but hard to master brain puzzle game, our version is good for you. And it's free to download for iPhone.


Unlimited Puzzles & Daily Challeng

* Unlimited puzzles, each puzzle has one solution.

* Featuring 5 levels, ranging from "Easy" to "Master".

* Complete Daily Challenges and get unique awards.

Challenge your brain with Sudoku2 Now!


More Funs

With this minimalist, modern, and feature-rich design, playing Sudoku on mobile is even better than with a pencil and paper.

The level & different awards make the puzzle solving an amazing experience!